Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Tball Game

Sam had her last tball game tonight.
They got medals at the end . . . She earned hers for sure!
It was a fun night at the ball park - and I love this picture . . . We had our first outing as a family of 5 to Marlie's tball game . . . 2 years sure flies by!
So proud of this sweet little girl! She tried hard and definitely improved from the first game where she didn't even know which way to run! It was fun to try, but she has voiced that she will not be playing again next summer! Ha!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

I am glad she tried, but I don't blame her. Hot days waiting for something to happen standing in the dust. It was not my most fun sport. However as a Mom, I sold a lot of Mary Kay from my basket as all the Mom's sat in the bleachers waiting for something to happen too. #1 seller...sunscreen.