Monday, August 26, 2013

A Finally Warm Weekend

The kiddos got home from school on Friday and we kicked off a weekend of swimming!
No, Evan didn't go to school, he just likes to walk up and greet the girls and be part of the group.

Both girls had a great day and went to the treasure box in their classrooms.
Sam picked a necklace - and honestly, I don't remember what Marlie picked - but it wasn't for her. Marlie uses her turns at the treasure box to bring home little things for her siblings. I know last week it was a car for Evan. She has done this since she was in kindergarten. Every once in a while she picks something for herself, but mostly she sees it as her chance to give and surprise 2 people she adores :)
Saturday was a little bit of laziness (until 7:30am!) before heading to the Farmer's Market.
Then it was back home for swimming and then heading to a BBQ, before coming home for more swimming! We have waited all summer for hot days, we are taking advantage as much as we can.

Sunday before we did more swimming we had to do some homework. Sam's sheet:
I love that she says she likes watching tv but does not like to be inside!

And in between swimming and homework, she had a little project going that she finished before school this morning . . . 
I think it's school that puts her in the mindset to do Legos. The Legos went almost untouched for the summertime, but now they are back out. And once again, 696 pieces without so much as a single question or asking of help!

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