Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Haircut Time - Big Boy Style

Evan has had more haircuts in 2 years than his sisters have probably had in their lives! He definitely started earlier (thanks to his crazy ear curls). The first haircut was great . . . And everyone since has been a battle requiring 2 people to hold him down - this is why we cut it short - self preservation and only wanting to ensure this process on an absolutely necessary basis.

Well, apparently when I was in Chicago and Jayson took him for a haircut he was absolutely fine - naturally, right?!? Well he was due for another cut yesterday, and I was able to witness with my own eyes the awesomeness of Evan just sitting like a little boy getting his haircut!
He even chatted with the woman the whole time - they went back and forth - "what are you doing?" "Cutting your hair, what are you doing?" "Getting my haircut" :) And he told her at least 5 times that he had gone under water in the pool.

It was a joyous moment knowing that everyone is able to independently get their hair cut now . . . And he is so handsome . . . 
Even when he insists on wearing rainboots with shorts every day . . . 

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Tina. said...

The boy's got fashion sense!