Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Successful Swim Session

Yep . . . These 2 little girls who feared water a mere month ago . . . They totally passed an entire new level of lessons today!
Samantha passed level 1 (the one that took Marlie 3 times before she finally passed 2 weeks ago) and Marlie passed level 2 - mastering not only 2 different types of backstrokes, but also jumping off the diving board unassisted! 

We made these cute little bags for all of the fabulous life guards . . . 
And put a little something extra in them for their teachers. 

Shocked and amazed pretty much sums up my feelings on these two and their newfound love and mastering of water! I have told myself all along that they would get it eventually, but have had doubts at times . . . I should know not to doubt that amazingness that is Marlie and Samantha . . . 

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