Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Photo Dump

Wow - it's been a week since I put a post up - I am not sure how that could be!

It's been an awesome week! The girls LOVE their new school as much as I do and we are back in our routine. 

This little man and I are back on our own (well, most days, until Sam gets back to full time this week)!
He is in love with all things train right now - we even painted and made one the other day! But mostly we just stop at the train table at Toys r Us for 30 minutes! 
We had a fun treat last night after dinner!
The frozen yogurt place down the street from our new house has movie nights on Tuesday - bogo free yogurts, free popcorn, and a movie - last night was Monsters Inc.
Let me just say, Evan has the opposite of stranger anxiety. People would walk up to the topping bar and Evan would just walk over and start talking to them. And it's not just that he talks, he has to put his hand on them, cock his head to the side and ask questions with inflections that make him sound like he knows what he is talking about - "you get ice cream?" "That your cup?" 

And oh my, while we are on the topic of his love of strangers, the washer/dryer repairman the other day was his new best friend! He wanted to show him everything in our house - luckily the guy was super nice and patient and even let Evan get in his work van - because he is obsessed with all things with wheels - he even corrected me when I asked if he wanted to see the truck "no truck Mommy, it's a van"!

And because I love this picture . . . 

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