Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Whole Bunch of Pictures

Let's start with one of my favorite ballerina . . . 
Friday was an early out day from school, so we met some friends at the park for a scavenger hunt . . . The girls did great, but Evan surprised me the most by wanting to participate. There in no way to describe the inflection and excitement in his voice when he says "LOOK" - you can only experience the true effect by hearing it in person!
Friday night Samantha went with her Daisy troop to her first Songfest - Marlie did this as a Daisy too :)
She has become such a brave girl at being dropped off at events - and I am blessed to have another great troop leader who takes pictures!
And then today the girls had a "girls only" tea party . . . So naturally we dressed up as princesses . . . 
A note about the next picture: it was like pin the tail on the donkey, except you were trying to get a teacup close to the tea pouring out of the teapot. One girl got kind of close . . . So to the surprise of everyone but me, Samantha gets a look on her face, gets blindfolded, then walks up and feels for that one teacup that was close and puts hers directly below it, thus being the winner. I hear a couple moms next to me whisper and look at me and smile . . . And as to not skip a beat, and without any conversation, Marlie walks right up feels the other cup moves down to Sam's cup, and then smacks hers on too of Sam's!!!! Not a single girl before or after them caught this - but every darn parent in the room did! Let's just hope that they put that ingenuity to work for the good of society one day . . . Lord help the world if they don't channel that for good!
But they had a great time celebrating with all the girls . . . While Evan napped peacefully at home with Grandma!
And little miss "do what it takes to win a game" dressed herself up to take pictures saying after multiple accessories "I am done now and ready - I think I look enough like Lady Ga Ga now" WTF?!?!? We don't let them watch any kind of television that she is on - they have heard the music, but never seen her . . . Unless they happened to tune in when she was on their Dad's morning news - GMA! Hahaha

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