Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lunch at School

I had lunch at school yesterday with both girls before working the book fair!
It was fun - the girls lunches overlap by 15 minutes, so it works out great.

Can you tell where the "girl" table was at the book fair??
And because they are my kids and I think they are awesome I have to share two things: 1. Marlie is one of 10 students in the entire school whose name is already on the wall for AR points - Sam has crossed the first marker of points too, so her name will be up soon! 2. Both girls' teachers told me yesterday how much they love having them in class - it was just awesome because Marlie's teacher went out of the way to come to the library on her free period and tell me!!!

Parent teacher conferences are tonight - should be fun :) Sam's teacher told me to just stop by when we are done with Markie's conference since hers "will be an easy one where I just brag on your sweet little girl"! Very proud of these 2 and how awesomely they have adapted to their new school.

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