Saturday, September 14, 2013

First Brownie Camp and A Party

Marlie went to her very first overnight camp with her Brownie troop last night!
Her brother and sister gave her lots of hugs before she left and definitely missed her. 
Her fabulous leaders even made sure they shared some photos. They had a campfire sing a long naturally ( Marlie was on the very end).
Then they got up early and hit the trail!
Now as of bedtime tonight (she has been giving a minute by minute and we had to stop her after 20 minutes and tell her we would hear the rest tomorrow), we have heard about how they stayed up until 10pm probably 5 times . . . It's the little things that make for the best times :)

And Samantha and Evan stayed busy and had fun while she was gone. We had some park time with Grandma and wrapped it up with a party at Chuck E Cheese. Evan hung out for a bit, but Daddy came and got him after work since it was bedtime for him. Samantha had a fun time though - and it was awesome to be able to do some games since she was my only one :) And who doesn't love a good piƱata?!?

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