Monday, September 16, 2013


The girls walked our streets yesterday selling Girl Scout snacks (snacks, not cookies, those aren't until December!). Evan went around for an hour until Grandma arrived.
He was trying really hard to be a big help - but unfortunately he is such a people person that he would want to go to the doors too and interrupt the girls! He even introduced himself as "I Evan Crandall" at one house :) So he hung out with Grandma and we went back out!
Samantha got tired but was determined to keep up with her sister. I carried her a little at the end and explained that if she didn't go to the doors with Marlie that she wouldn't get credit for those sales (they are in 2 different troops and we have decided to divide sales so each one gets half) - well Sam was okay with that and that's when Marlie started busting butt!! She was zig zagging back and forth through the last few houses to see how many she could get (not my daughter at -all!).

The whole time we talked about people being kind and supporting the Girl Scouts and that I was proud of them - even when people said no they said thank you and came away with a smile - NOT ONCE did they get discouraged!!!! Even when they would go to a door and see a "no solicitation" sign (which there were about 20 of!!), they just bounced to the next house. It was awesome - and in a total of 2 hours they sold 24 items!!!!!

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