Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Days

Evan and I stay busy when the girls are in school!

Yesterday we went down to the local train museum to see big and little trains!
Today was errand running - and we swung by Goodwill. This place has become my Mecca for books! Marlie is getting into chapter books that run $4/each, and sometimes finding what you want at the library can be tough. I can get her the books she wants for $0.49 at Goodwill. And today Evan scored something for himself - a $40 VTech kids camera for $0.99! Took it home and popped some new batteries in it and we have a picture taking fool. And the girls will be excited to have their cameras left alone :) 
And yes, the pictures were taken on different days, and yes he is wearing the same shirt, and no, it is nowhere near appropriate weather to be sporting a fleece hoodie, it's 90 . . . But as I have said, he rolls with his own sense of style! At least he gives up the rainboots when the hoodie is on and opts for flip flops!

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