Thursday, October 10, 2013

Evan's First Dentist Appointment

Evan went in for his first dentist appointment today.
To use a little terminology of our current times - he totally handled it like a boss!
Jay was there to get a few pictures - so much more of a relaxing experience than me handling the girls alone for their first appointments!
But therein lies one of the greatest benefits of having a boy - NO FEAR!!! I pay for it in a lot of respects on a daily basis, but moments like this are my personal form of "making it worth it". He was a total angel and champ and came home to tell everyone what he did that morning - and yes, there were two girls that were in "shock and awe" about the fact that he didn't cry!
They were also jealous of his balloon - I assured them their turn was in a few weeks. Naturally now they love the dentist - um, you think?!?! There are freaking flat screens hanging in the ceiling and they get earbuds and get to pick what they want to watch! And then they get balloons. It helps that no cavities exist (great unless you are the Mom on the other end that has been reassured by no cavities, but assured that both girls will need braces around 11-13! WTF?!?! Damn genetics!) But our kids are old school - the new toothbrush still rocks their worlds enough to make them love the dentist :)

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