Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Break - Days 1 and 2

The girls had fall break from school for the last week - so we headed up to Minnesota to visit family and friends for the week. 

Naturally it started out as any trip - the drive there! 845 miles to be exact! It was a tough start (the DVD cord was broken and after 4 different stores we learned that it was irreplaceable!) but got better! 
Playgrounds help ease the pain of driving.
After 18 hours we arrived and went to bed! 

Sunday we went to our favorite burch at the Famous Daves Blues Club with our friends CC and Tee and Grandpa Mick.

Then we spent the rest of the day getting acquainted with the newest member of our family, Madeline!
She's pretty awesome and definitely loved!
And as always, her Dad is one of the favorite people! We went to the park, played, made lots of noise, and made pizzas :)
It was a great start to a fun week!

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