Sunday, December 29, 2013

Party Time at School

On the girls' last day of school Jayson and I headed in to help with their parties. I went to Marlie's classroom . . . where I was unaware that they were going to get to open their treat bags . . . I had Marlie put Christmas kazoos in the bags . . . you can imagine what the room sounded like within 2 minutes :)
 This is Marlie's sweet friend Emily - her little brother William is in Samantha's class and they all ride the bus together.
 Jayson was down in Samantha's class and was put in charge of decorating reindeer cookies
 He made them with beards to maximize chocolate chip usage :)
Then we were walking around the school and snapped a few pictures of the Accelerated Reading (AR) boards. Both girls were within the first few to hit their initial prize level - Samantha has also become one of only 4 in the entire grade to meet the yearly goal already - Marlie has 2 more books before she becomes one of the first to reach the yearly goal in her grade - pretty impressive!
 Then the kids had their Christmas singing program in the gym - it was so adorable - I was extremely proud and felt very blessed to be in the school we are in now!!!
 As we were leaving with the girls, we saw some writing samples on the wall, and noticed Samantha's up there.  Pretty darn cute!
And speaking of writing samples - Marlie brought this one home the other day - not sure how to feel about a dog being named after me . . . 

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