Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can't Keep Up With the Fun

There is too much fun going on and I keep getting behind posting our pictures!

Tuesday morning Evan and I met some friends at the mall to have storytime with Santa - mall policies explain that no personal photos should be taken of your child with Santa - I went a little rogue before stories started!
Evan and Santa are BFF - I don't know if it's because he knows he's bringing presents, or because every time he stops by and says hi to him at the mall he gives him a free cookie card. The standards at 2 aren't high - free cookie equals best friend.

Tuesday night we partied down at the church. The girls each had their Girl Scout parties in their respective rooms. It's so much easier now that Sam is in a troop that meets at the same place and time!! Grandma came along to help me work the rooms and limit Evan's cookie intake!
Sam's troop decorated cookies, did some coloring, and had a gift exchange.
Marlie's troop went around the room to different stations to make Christmas gifts and at the end were surprised by their fabulous leaders with Troop t-shirts and monogrammed hairbows!
Love that group of girls and their moms!!! I can't believe they have been together for 2.5 years!!

Wednesday Evan was the only one that showed up to music class! So we just did a few crafts and delivered some Christmas cookies to our wonderful teacher and the ladies at the Learning Center - and Evan brought home all of the extra snowflake jingle bells to his sisters.
Then we decided to go grab some lunch at the new BBQ restaurant with Evan. We were determined to have at least one fun thing out of some Christmas money we received - new work shoes for Jayson and a replacement tire for the Honda and it's sad how quickly the fun gets sucked out of a monetary gift!!! But lunch was awesome!!! AND Evan's favorite part - they give away free ice cream cones!
Although Jay has come up with the ultimate plan for going back - kids eat free on Sundays, and they have Barq's root beer on the fountain. So when everyone is done eating, empty out your drink cup fill with soft serve and root beer - free dessert! Genius!!!! :)

And to end with a story . . . Last night the girls used some cute kits I had bought to write letters to Santa - it went like this.

M: I have told him what I wanted why do I need to write a letter?
Me: Well that's your business - I personally wouldn't want to take the chance of him getting confused. (Because the last 2 times she has actually given him ideas).
M: okay, I will do it after I play my guitar.
S: How do you spell Barbie? . . . Evan, what do you want for Christmas?
Me: Why do you need to know what Evan wants?
S: Well he can't write so I am going to help him out and put his things on my list.
E: Trains!!! Cars!!!!!
S: I finished my letter and signed my name and Evan's now all I need is a stamp.
M: Really Sam? Don't you think you should help Santa out a little and put our last name on there? There are probably a million Samantha and Evans! 
S: But I sealed my envelope already
M: Just put it in the return address section
S: How does the mail get to the North Pole?
Me: Same way it gets to Japan - by airplane! 
Question sufficiently answered and we moved on . . . 

So love this time of year!!!!!

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