Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Last Few Days

We have been knee deep in holiday fun around here!!

Saturday we started out with breakfast at Chick FIL A with the Santa Cows.
Evan preferred to just wave at them and say Merry Christmas.
Then we headed home to have Marlie's "big girl" Christmas party. She did such a good job planning all of the activities and snacks - all is the girls had a great time crafting, playing games, and decorating cookies.

Sunday we spent the day in the kitchen assembling teacher gifts and baking for everyone in our world - from librarians to trash men to even our old teachers from our other school! 
That picture is about 1/4 of our finished products!

We took a quick break to take Marlie to a bowling party for her friend Anniston.
And speaking of parties, Evan went to a little party for his BFF Gavin - they played cars, trains, had lunch, and ate cake - what more can you ask for?
And because we can't leave anyone out this time of year, Grandma had the idea to sit down with the kiddos and make presents for the birdies in the form of pinecone ornaments for the trees outside!
Talk about mess - peanut butter and bird seed :)

The baking this time of year is just one way that I try and teach the kiddos that everyone is worthy of your thought and thanks for what they do - but I think I always wonder if things really sink in. I got a big thumbs up today when this little girl came home from school Monday . . . 
Her button she is sporting says she got the award of Character Kid of the Month - 1 kid per grade per month gets it - that means she is 1 of 9 2nd graders that will get it all year . . . And the trait she received it for? Caring :)

And that was just the last 3 days!! I LOVE this time of year . . . 

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