Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

No prolific post this year . . . No look back and recap . . . We are just loving and living life and moving forward . . . 

And in that spirit, we took the front off Evan's crib!
And it was super exciting for all!!
And he slept in it . . . Almost the whole night . . . 
After being replaced, he stayed in for the rest of the night :)

We are excited for a new year - 2013 was here - it wasn't overly awesome for any huge reason, nor was it full of bad by any means . . . It was kinda here and kinda static - I mean, yes we moved, yes the kids went to their new awesome school, the girls learned to swim, and tons of fun was had . . . But nothing that stands out as some huge defining moment of the year . . . I think we will work on that for 2014! Here's to another wonderful year of being blessed every day with our family!

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