Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow, Sewing, and A Superhero

First - the most adorable superhero EVER!
Next - today we got a whopping half inch of snow!
It was enough to toss a few snowballs with Daddy and have an excuse for hot chocolate.
And finally . . . Marlie has been into sewing and got her own sewing basket for Christmas. Today she undertook a few projects. First up, a skirt for Samantha's doll.
She used Frozen fabric for her.
She needed a little help, but for the most part did it all on her own. A couple hours later I was in the living room with Samantha and Evan and Marlie was spending time in the kitchen and just told me she was working on something by herself. About 45 minutes later she came out with this . . . 
It's a holder for me to put on my nightstand and put my glasses in!!!!! If you look closely, you can see the shape of the different fabric is the shape of glasses. I was so surprised and so proud - it's pretty awesome! How completely great is it that her first creations were gifts for her sister and me?!? I have been told her next venture is a gift for Daddy . . . I am thinking we might need some different fabrics :)

And one last picture of her project the other day that Daddy helped with - it's an owl pillow for Saige, her American Girl doll.

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Tina. said...

That glasses 'pocket' looks so cool! Tell Marlie good job for me!