Sunday, January 5, 2014

Saturday and The Traveller's Rest

It was a busy Saturday for sure!! We started out by making calendars at Home Depot.
Then Marlie headed to her first indoor soccer practice. It's through parks and rec and only $20/8 weeks - so I told her she could try it out. Samantha had no interest in soccer - Evan did, but he's got a few years :)

Next up was hitting the neighborhood with Dad to sell some Girl Scout cookies - people were not wanting cookies! But we will go out again and try once the freakishly cold negative temperatures go away.
Next up was heading to Nashville for some Girl Scout fun. The girls and I went to lunch at Rock Bottom first.
And then headed to the event at the Traveller's Rest Plantation. It was supposed to be held the first weekend in December but was cancelled because of ice. The girls got to tour the house, learn facts, make toys from the pre-Civil war era, write with a quill pen, and learned a dance.
The Virginia Reel
Samantha's troop didn't go, but since she is a registered Girl Scout and I went, she was able to attend with Marlie's troop - and I was so proud of her, she fit right in and acted like a total big girl doing her thing!
It was a great day - but it was long and the event didn't end until 9pm!!!! My kids have lights out by 8pm - they were asleep before I was out of the parking lot!

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