Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Biggest Fan

One would think that it would be our guitar playing rockstar that would come home and ask to write a letter to Taylor Swift letting her know that she was her biggest fan . . . But really, that is more the territory of our free spirited dreamer . . . 
Samantha carefully crafted a sign with stencils and stickers and added wording to let Taylor Swift know that she was her biggest fan in the world! And then meticulously decorated an envelope to put it in.

Oh it made my heart happy to see her do this!!! I used to do this ALL THE TIME as a kid! I was so sure that Kirk Cameron would come knocking on my door one day or that the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 would make me the youngest cast member because my list of 25 reasons why I was so awesome and an obvious choice would compel Aaron Spelling to cast me! Ahhhhh . . . The awesomeness of childhood dreaming! But I also grew up in a time without texting and emailing - so the fact that she wanted to write a letter versus a technology based option just makes me happy . . . And the unwavering dreaming is pretty great too!

And naturally it required a joint trip to the mailbox for such an important document - no grown ups invited . . . Because how could we possibly understand such a thing? ;)

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