Friday, January 24, 2014

This Week's First - the Concussion

I am looking forward to the days of first teeth and first crawls to offset things like first broken bones and first head injuries!

Tuesday night Marlie fell at Girl Scouts. No big deal except she fell on a concrete floor and used her head to break her fall instead of her hands!! She immediately got lethargic, so off we went to the urgent care - me and 3 kiddos at 7:45pm, can you picture the awesomeness? The doc determined she was fine but indicated if anything changed in the next 6 hours, specifically being more disoriented or vomitting, that we should immediately go to the ER. 

At 11pm I found it rather odd that I was still awake - it's the first trimester, I pass out around 9pm these days. But I figured its because I had been talking to my brother and maybe I was just wired from our conversation and mutual yelling about stupid people :) Next thing I know Marlie is racing to the bathroom for the first of what would be nine puking sessions over the next 2 hours. I called 1-800-Grandma, because these things only occur when Jay is at work all night - as then off we went to the ER.

After realizing it was going to be a bit I stole a pillow and rearranged the waiting room furniture to make a bed for Marlie
You never want to be the person next to me when someone is making my sick child wait, let's be clear. But some little old lady stopped Marlie on her way back from puking and gave her a handful of quarters and told her to get better - she is officially the first person I have ever smiled at in an ER waiting room!

After CT scans and such she got some rest . . . 
And they determined she was clear on her scans but rocked her brain enough for a decent concussion! At 4am we finally left for home and rest.

This was Tuesday night - after a successful recheck on Thursday she is back at school today, though still on activity restriction. And much to my dismay, the doctor felt she would be fine without a bubble wrap helmet - I still disagree! And let it be said that I will take a broken bone and cast ANY DAY over a head injury that can affect my child's brain - ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a few days of being laid out and home bound with Marlie, Evan and I needed to bust out! We took a quick trip to the outlet mall in Nashville! And since we were the first people to walk by the Disney store, Evan got to open the store with magic and got a Mickey lanyard to keep!
Then he did some playing on the playground . . . 
Followed by cheese fry deliciousness 
And ended with a ride on the carousel :)
It was a good day and kept us both happy even though it's 11 degrees outside!

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