Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Week Will be Better

Last week was filled with shit - that's the only way to put it!

Marlie had her concussion and her new glasses.

Samantha had a random 103.8 fever that came and went - February has several times proven to take Sam down from 105.9 fever to strep that about took everyone out . . . So I am cautious right now.

Evan finally figured out that he can get out of his bed - it only took a month - wish it would've taken a year! Naptimes are now touch and go - and anyone who knows me knows that naps are non negotiable for kiddos in this house. I have turned what I can accomplish in 2 hours of quiet into a perfected art form that I would gold medal in if it were an Olympic sport - don't mess with naptime!!!

Our Honda about died this weekend after 11.5 good years - so we traded it in on my "new" car - I call it the Green Machine
So big that it barely fits in the garage much less one picture!
I was determined that this week had to be a better week . . . Especially leading up to a weekend of fun with the whole family! And so far, the next 7 days are starting off much better . . . Because though I have seen it, I got to hear the heartbeat of our baby today!
And this picture is amazing - because oh what a difference 3 short weeks makes!
It's so gonna be a better week . . . 

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Wiz said...

I havent checked anyones blog in FOREVER!!! CONGRATS on your pregnancy. The kids are growing so fast and are so precious!!