Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Evan and I have been staying busy - so we don't get cabin fever with the gross weather and so I stay awake during the day (pregnancies in my 20s were not this exhausting!).

Yesterday was playgroup at Chuck E Cheese!
He had a blast as long as Chuck E didn't come on stage or walk anywhere near him - suddenly he is not a fan.

Today we hit up Toddler Splash at the pool - totally worth it!! He had a blast and swam for 2 solid hours - and became best buds with a life guard so I just got to sit in a nice heated pool and watch him play! Seriously - it was $3, I would've paid $30!
And the best part of course was the free snacks.
We will be returning possibly weekly to the pool! Who doesn't want a little summer in the middle of their winter?! And should my son ever doubt my love for him - I will remind him of today - when I put on a non-maternity swimsuit almost 3mo pregnant in the middle of winter to show off my pale skin so that he could swim - if that doesn't define love, nothing will :)

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