Friday, April 18, 2014

A Couple of Days

A few pictures from the last couple of days!

Evan and I were invited to an Easter egg hunt on Wednesday with a great group of moms - he had so much fun!! I love when I capture a picture with pure childhood joy in it . . . 
Checking out the loot in their awesome buckets!
And becuase a day doesn't seem to go by lately when one of the kiddos doesn't do something totally awesome . . . Samantha brought this home . . . 
She was picked as the kid for the month for the character trait perseverance in her classroom! 

And because I don't think I have penned it yet, I ran into Samantha's teacher last week at the book fair. She was kind enough to tell me that not only will Sam be immediately tested for PASS at the start of first grade, but she will also be testing her reading level in the next few weeks because she thinks Sam is at a 4th-5th grade reading level and wants her first grade teacher to know going in to the year. Um . . . And if all that wasn't awesome enough she went on to tell me in 35 years of teaching she's never had a kid amaze her like Sam does every day. I might be a little proud of our baby girl :)

Today the kiddos were out of school and we did an egg hunt at a friend's - I was too busy participating to get pictures, but fun was had! And now it is naptime . . . 

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