Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Evan's 3rd Birthday Party

We just finished an awesome weekend of having family in town to help us celebrate Evan's 3rd birthday! I decided his birthday should be about what he loves: things with wheels, outside, and dirt.  So his party was all about construction stuff and diggers.  Get ready for pictures thanks to Grandpa. . .

The birthday boy
Digging areas
Mud playdoh we made and trucks to run through the mud

The food tables - I got a lot of cute printables for free and they looked perfect! Unfortunately Grandpa refused to take pictures without me in them! Not so awesome . . . 

The cupcake situation
Naturally my son went for the black icing, which most people didn't after I informed them that black icing turns your poop blue :) The fun facts you learn in motherhood!
This photo sums up a lot about my daughters: Marlie was waiting because she wanted to help me serve cupcakes and Samantha was standing close by because she wants to know what's going on, but rather than help she shoved cheese puffs in her mouth :)
It's not a party without a bubble machine 
Lots of fun was had just playing outside 

And of course there were presents - Sam sat for a picture, but my little book worm wanted to read with her Grandma instead.
Marlie helped the whole time though 
And of course there were Grandmas

It was a great party and all the kids had a ton of fun.  I liked that it was pretty low key - no real organized activities, but plenty to do at the same time.  And everyone took home some homemade mud playdoh and a Home Depot nail apron stuffed with their goodies they dug up in the sand.

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Tina. said...

Looking at all the pictures I was thinking, "Man, I wish I'd gotten to go to that party!" It looked like a good time. :)