Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Zoo Day

In Saturday we headed to the zoo as a family. Both girls' Girl Scout troops used some of their cookie money to go the zoo. Marlie's troop sold over 4200 boxes, which allowed them more money, so they got to do some special stuff.

Heading down to Nashville for a fun day!
Marlie and Jayson headed with her troop for their special activity - feeding the elephants!
Samantha, Evan, and I did the special Dinosaur walk.
Then we met up for lunch and spent the remainder of the time as a family with Marlie's troop.
The kangaroo walkabout was a new fun exhibit where you just walk the path by the kangaroos with no fences or barriers.
One of Evan's favorite things was the zebras. Samantha loved the animals but loved riding on Daddy's shoulders most!
And naturally there was the petting zoo!
It was a great day - but after 6 hours of non-stop walking . . . Let's just say I sat for a while :)

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