Sunday, May 4, 2014

Girl Scouts - 2013/2014 year

The girls have received all of their patches for the year - so here's where they finished!

Samantha's first year as a Daisy Girl Scout
Marlie's first year as a Brownie Girl Scout
Yes her vest is wet - I forgot to turn off the steam! Haha
Sam has finished her meetings until August - Marlie has one more this week where she may get another patch or 2. But for now, it's another sign of summer as we put away the uniforms until August! 

This year they are both going to Girl Scout Day Camp as well - Samantha's first year and Marlie's third. They will have a blast - they get to go every day for a week! Maybe next year we will try the week camp for Marlie where she goes on her own and stays at one of the camps, I am just not ready (emotionally or financially) to start that yet :)

So proud of our girls for another year of great accomplishments and fun times learning!

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