Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Light on Posts

I don't seem to be posting as frequently and I am not sure why. Most likely because by the time I get to the end of a day these days I can barely form a thought! I know for a fact this pregnancy shit was easier in my 20s!! If this wasn't already my last pregnancy for other reasons, it would be my last. What's scary is I am not that old, I was in the best shape beginning it, and I have gained the least weight at my halfway point - so what gives?!? 

Anyway, life is still happening! We finished spring break with cold weather - but that didn't stop the ice cream man from coming around or our kids from hearing him!
Unfortunately he missed our street so they had to settle for Sonic instead :)

We went to Land Between the Lakes one day and the weather was horrible! 40 degrees, windy as heck, and raining. Um - no! The best part was riding through the elk and bison prairie - in the heated car!!!
But now the girls are back in school and for the next few days we have 70+ temperatures - naturally! So at least we have outside time for an hour or so after school and then after dinner.
I snagged Evan a cute Fedora for $1 at Target and was trying to take a picture of just him, but some other people wanted to join! I did get one though - and yes, he has a plethora of other shirts, he just has to wear this one 3-4 times a week!

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