Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Random Pictures and Conversation

We are on spring break and trying to have minus the not-so-spring weather. We woke up yesterday to snow! Here are some pictures so far . . . 

New dresses and ready for the first day of spring break!
We decided that instead of dropping $100 to go to the zoo and freeze, it was time to make an investment . . . So I scoped Craigslist and we purchased a Wii! It has been awesome - video games where you don't sit down are way more my speed!
And what kid doesn't want to box and virtually knock their Dad out?!
Yesterday we were in Nashville for a little bit and had to stop to snap some pictures for Uncle Eric.
And finally, some actual things that have been said in my presence over the past few days . . . 

Sam: "Mommy can I please go to clown school?"
Me: "Of course - you can do whatever you want when you're older"
S: "YAY!!!!!!!"

Marlie: "Sam do you know what shape that is?"
Sam: "It's a diamond"
Marlie: "Yep, good job"
Sam: "You know if you turn it then you can call it another name. Haven't you learned about a rhombus?" 

And my personal favorite . . .

Evan: "I went potty!!! I need help with my pants"
Me: I pull them up from the back and am unaware of what's going on with the front
Evan: "oh no, wait!!! My penis is stuck!! I'm so sorry penis, it will be okay."

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