Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our First Spelling Bee

Well, our first spelling bee as attendees not participants :)

Marlie tried, but unfortunately got knocked out on her first word "type". However, she was in good company. It only took 3 rounds to knock out 13 of the 15 participants! And honestly, if she had spelled that word, she would've been out on the next one - it was a list that was challenging for 5th graders, so let's be real! But we are proud of her for winning the grade level spelling bee anyway!

The 2nd graders 
Getting her certificate from the principal
Another year and she will probably be able to take it . . . However, next year she will have her sister as competition . . . It's gonna be so awesome watching them grow up and compete (said in a completely sarcastic tone with a twinge of fright for when they are teenagers!!) :)

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