Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Do You Spell Amazing?

So today Marlie participated in her second spelling bee with the other 2nd grade participants. Before school she said she was nervous and we told her it would be fine.

She came home and explained that every one got a name tag and then a sticker for trying but that there were only 3 2nd graders allowed to go on to the school spelling bee. She named two other people and then very slyly said "and me". Holy crap kid - way to build the suspense!!!! Jay and I both grabbed her and hugged her at the same time! Amazing!!!
So after hearing that we went inside and Sam was showing me her work from the day . . . It's a toss up which one of her papers is more awesome . . .
I feel that way, but it's pretty darn cool that so does her teacher after 35 years of students :) And then there was this one:
What's more incredible? The fox's face or the spelling of every animal name?!?!?

And speaking of spelling - let's throw in this little story for fun. Before school I was quizzing Marlie on some spelling words while we waited for the bus, and it went like this:

Marlie: just finished spelling a word from the 2nd grade spelling list
Samantha: "these words are easy, I can spell these"
Me: thinking that maybe little Miss Sam needed to not be quite so cocky and in her sister's face, I purposely picked a word I expected her to spell incorrectly - "Ok Sam, spell enough"
Sam: "e-n-o-u-g-h, told you they are easy" 

And back come the worries that my kids will outsmart me one day . . . 

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