Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grandparents and Awesome Fun

Well let's catch up from this week so far.  We opened the pool up and got the water balanced much easier this year!
Now the weather needs to continue to warm up . . . So far only one person has been brave enough for the less than warm water (that would be Marlie).
On Monday the girls had Field Day at school, so Evan and I met them at lunch time for a picnic.
Then as soon as they got home, my Grandpa Frank and Terri arrived! The kids were super excited . . . Even before Grandpa passed out $5 bills to everyone!
It was a short visit but we were so grateful to spend the time with them.
In baby news this week I have hit 26 weeks, which for me is entering the 3rd trimester. Yes a pregnancy runs 40-42 weeks, but mine run 39 weeks - so I am officially 2/3 done! And not that I am a fan of belly shots, but to for rememberance sake, here we are - me and baby boy!
How will I possibly fit 13 more weeks of growth? I do not know - but I have done it before, so I assume I will do it again. And at my last appointment it seems baby boy is beginning to follow in his brother's footsteps as we have crossed the point of measuring on time and are now measuring ahead and/or big! Hopefully not too big so he can fit in my favorite Moses basket that just got updated by Grandma with a rocking stand!
Oh the cuteness!!! I have had that basket since Sam and it will be way more functional now. Plus there is more of a need to have an additional sleeping place since baby is going in with Evan - we need to have an alternative on a night that might not go well. 

And that catches up the last few days!!

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