Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Last Day of School

Well it's official - we now have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader! It just hit me that when Sam goes into 3rd grade we will have 3 in elementary school - how is that possible??? 

Anyway - let's see how much they've grown between the 1st day and the last day!

Marlie Katherine
Samantha Michelle
And all 3 of them . . . Clearly Evan has grown and changed! 
It's amazing how much they change in 9 short months . . . But I get it, I mean, obviously in 9 months I am growing a human from nothing - those months don't seem as short though :)

After pictures and a special donut breakfast we headed to school for the awards ceremony. We knew both of our girls were getting an award, but weren't sure exactly what for. 
As it turned out, Samantha received one of only 6 awards given out to Kindergartners. They receive awards based on how many accelerated reading points they get. She couldn't even read when she started kindergarten - now she is reading at a 4th grade level and consequently, she smoked the entire grade level and came out in 1st place for accelerated reading!!! Oh the tears started to roll - I was sooooooo proud!!!!!
Next up came Marlie - 1 of less than 10 kiddos in the 2nd grade to be on the A Honor Roll for the entire year!
There aren't enough words to describe the pride we have over these two girls and their accomplishments this school year. We tell them to do their best and that is all we ask . . . It's just so awesome when their best is THE best - it's amazing! Another successful finish to a school year . . . Time for some summer fun!

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