Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Beach 2014

We are currently in the middle of our road trip home from spending a week at Myrtle Beach. It was great to have my little family all together for an entire week! This was our home.
We started our trip by stopping in Knoxville along the way to have breakfast with Miss Jane and Mr. Bill!
Then it was off to the beach where no one had any fear of the ocean and ran right in when they saw it!
This dude was stoked to see the beach for the first time!
There were days spent in the sand and ocean and LOTS of looking for seashells.
I made a pretty little mermaid :) And if you look closely in the left corner you can see baby #4 making an appearance! Haha
Daddy and Marlie took a serious shell hike and found a jellyfish.
A few favorite activities were also playing Bingo and feeding the fish on our property grounds.
And miniature golf was a huge hit with the girls - not so much with Evan . . . Maybe next year for him.
We also took a trip over to Murrel's Inlet to hit up Huntington Beach State Park and Atalaya.
We took an alligator tour there and came a little closer than I would like to that particular kind of nature with my kids!
We even got to see a baby version of the alligator get fed at the Nature Center.
Then we hit up a seafood place on the inlet to feed our little alligators :)
We did a few dinners out - and on our last night after dinner, the girls decided to take a horse carriage ride.
By the end I determined that horse carriage rides should be added to the list of things you don't do in your 3rd trimester!!
And of course before we left we had to go on our last night to our favorite old time ice cream parlor, Kirks!
It was definitely another awesome year at the beach for our 4th trip to Myrtle Beach. 
It's crazy that the first time we went in 2008 I was 8 months pregnant with Samantha . . . and this time I was 7 months pregnant with the last little set of feet that will fill our picture next time we are at the beach . . . 

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

I am so glad you all had a great time. Super pics!