Sunday, June 8, 2014

Was That Really Only 7 Days?

Holy cow . . . We got back from the beach a week ago and life has gotten CRAZY!!!! Let's break it down . . . 

Sunday - off to the clinic for chest x-rays and breathing treatments for Marlie. They thought she might have walking pneumonia, but it ended being an infection that has hung on and caused wheezing and a need for breathing treatments and an inhaler for the week. BONUS: we found out on that day that Jay's company changed insurance but hadn't sent out an info - awesome!

Monday - the girls started tennis camp!
Followed by a trip to the dentist for Marlie where she had to have 4 teeth pulled to make room. She took it like a champ!! Next up for the day, Jayson turning in notice to leave Old Chicago after 4.5 years. This is bringing about a move for us down towards Nashville, specifically Hendersonville . . . But after all this time in Clarksville, it's time for a family adventure and to clock move #12 in 12 years :)

Tuesday - it was a catch up day for being back home after vacation as well as starting to put all our ducks in a row for moving. Did I mention we had just resigned a lease on May 1st?!? So we had to convince our landlord to tell the rental agency to let us out of it - thankfully he did!!!

Wednesday - the girls had another day of tennis camp and we just tried to enjoy our day minus the crappy weather.

Thursday - we headed down to do a little exploring and make sure we were picking the right area of Nashville. We took a break to have lunch and a carousel ride.
Friday - I got caught up on work and Marlie helped Grandma get started on her packing because she too will be moving :) And we saw some little friends we have been waiting to hatch outside of Grandma's front door.
Saturday - the day that almost wore me out completely. The girls and I set up a lemonade stand for Alex's Lemonade Stand's National Lemonade Days. This was our 2nd stand and we raised $306!
Shortly after the picture, our friend Sydney left and her mom took Sam home - she started to not feel well. But Marlie had her friend Emily join her.
After we cleaned up and broke down the stand I went home to grab Sam and head to the clinic for the 2nd time for the week. She had turned from sad to pitiful!
My poor sweet Sammie had 102 fever, strep, and ear infection - that came out of nowhere!! And did I mention our stupid insurance still isn't working?!?!?? UGH!!!

The week has also been littered with me getting work done (and questioning every day why I decided to start working from home again!) and making the abundance of phone calls for new insurance, new houses, moving quotes, etc. I don't remember saying life was boring, but apparently something in the universe got the message and decided to change it up :) Summer is definitely off to an exciting start in the Crandall home!

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