Wednesday, June 25, 2014

31 Weeks

Well here we are baby boy! It should be about 8 weeks until your birthday . . . And it will be a busy time for this family! We are moving to a new home in 3 weeks, your sisters start a new school in 5 weeks, and then you make your arrival in 8 weeks!

I think you're going to be a very healthy baby because in my exact scientific terms, you are sucking the immunity out of me - because yet again, I am sick!!!! You know I avoided sickness in every pregnancy until this one?!?

You like to move - specifically every night between 8-10:30pm you have a full workout and I just watch my stomach! Speaking of my stomach here we are . . . 
21 weeks versus 31 weeks . . . I have put on a few pounds . . . But you will still be my smallest weight gain, and likely my biggest baby!

Hopefully I don't stress you out the next few weeks . . . But I figure all of the chaos will be a good introduction to your new life on the outside as part of your group of siblings :)

So keep growing in there little one! We will see you soon. P.s. Your brother is very excited to meet you - he talks to you every day - his voice would be the one you hear ALL DAY :)

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