Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebrating Turning 8 and 6

The girls decided this year they wanted pool parties in our backyard this year - so we had to split them for the first time.  Samantha had her party from 10am-noon and Marlie had hers from 2pm-4pm.  They were both blessed enough to have their grandparents there the whole day though!!

And even though the parties were separate, they still sat by each other's side when it came time for presents!
I think my favorite gifts were little Precious Moments Princess statues - Sam got Ariel and Marlie Cinderella. It's like a grown up keepsake and rememberance of a time I think is over . . . We are moving on from princesses . . . 
And speaking of moving on . . . It was so great to see this group of girls!
There were a couple new friends, but most Marlie has known since kindergarten. I have a twinge of guilt in me for moving her - but I think it's more about me than her. She will adjust just fine - but it hits me weird because I was exactly her age when my family moved. Who knows, maybe we will find our place in Gallatin . . . 

They both had a fun and exhausting day - but birthday season is over!! 

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