Monday, June 23, 2014

The One and Only Samantha

It's hard to believe that 6 years has gone by as quickly as it has. How did we go from this
To this in a blink of an eye?!??
We celebrated Sammie's actual birthday by having breakfast with our family and then by finding a house to move into in 3 weeks!!!

I remember the day that we brought Sam home from the hospital. I ended up alone because I sent Jayson with Marlie and Grandma to the store. I looked down at Sam and started talking to her. I burst into tears as I told her "I don't even know you yet, but we will work on that. And I promise you that I am a really good Mom - you can ask your sister - she loves me and I hope you do too." And she opened her eyes at that very second and squeezed my finger . . . Call it what you will, but from that point forward, she was a member of the team and my precious little Sammie Michelle.

I always expected her to be similar to Marlie - they were both my little girls after all. But I think from day 1 she has had to be her own person and, like she's had something to prove, has shown me every day since that she is as unique as as they come, not to be compared to anyone!! 

Happy #6 my little free spirited genius :)

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