Sunday, August 3, 2014

Home Depot and Haircuts

We did our very first Home Depot project in our new town yesterday! The kids did such a great job - and thankfully this HD provides plenty of buckets for seating . . . Because standing and bending are not my strong points these days!!

We built and painted pencil holders.
The girls did theirs almost all on their own!!!
After lunch and rest time we headed for back to school hair cuts!!
As far as me and baby - well, I am huge!
These are at 31wks, 34wks, and almost 37wks. I no longer fit in the frame! Hahaha I go for my first/and next to last doctor appointment with my new doc on Tuesday. I will be interested to see if we can get a measure on baby boy. I have carried 7,8,and 9lb babies - this one is bigger! Or maybe it's just because I am older!

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

He is bigger. All I can say is...Ouch.