Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Evan Michael

I say it often and people think I am joking - if Evan Michael had been our first child, it is very likely we would have only him. It's a miracle that we are having a child after him - truly!

He is the sweetest boy in the world somedays . . . He introduces himself to people, tells his name and age, smiles and says hello, and is a general social butterfly that can't help but love people. He has a kind soul - he tells his sisters and I every day "you look beautiful today" - yes he is being taught by a good man, but there is an innate kindness . . . And he usually follows it up with "and you say I look handsome"! He tells me things like "I will kiss you because you're my best friend" which keep him alive when he says "If you don't come to the bathroom with me I will use my penis and pee on you". 

He is my true paradoxical child - being both the sweetest and downright craziest at the same time - and last night took the cake! Evan has been having issues napping lately, he either takes a 3 hour nap or none, but will still stay in his room for quiet time (naps are not an option at 3!). Yesterday he didn't nap, and when we went to get ready for bed, we found the destruction. He had ripped his highlight out of the wall, broken it, taken the bulb out, and then from what he says, he put the bulb between his teeth and cracked it and we found the smashed up remains. HOLY SHIT KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How we got out of that with no injuries, I am still wondering. How I am going to handle a second one of him, I am still terrified.

This kid is lucky I love him and better be grateful that I adore that smile . . . 

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