Tuesday, August 26, 2014


6 years ago I ventured into a Target store for the first time with 2 daughters. It was my first outing by myself with 2 children. I remember that it took me an hour and a half and I purchased 4 items. Marlie was potty training, Samantha had to be fed once and changed twice, and I was just trying to not lose my mind. I got to the car, took several deep breaths, and told myself at least I made it!

Fast forward to today. I walked into a Target for the first time with 2 sons. It was my first outing with the 2 of them by myself. I carried one on the front of me
And the other hung out in the cart
It took an hour and a half and included a trip to the bathroom. I purchased much more than 4 items, looked at baby stuff, let Evan browse in the toys and look for a new water bottle, and even had the time to look at greeting cards for upcoming Grandparent's Day. And in the end took the above pictures and laughed to myself at how far I had come as a mom. The exact same situation that threw me into panics and a hurried situation of mishaps six years ago was today a nice calm first outing for me and my boys.

In the end of both trips I made it to my car - today though, there were no deep breaths necessary. I simply laughed remembering that shopping trip from 6 years ago and then, as the post-partum hormones often cause, wanted to cry. Those two girls don't get to go to Target on a Tuesday morning with me anymore. And I know soon enough, these boys won't either . . . 

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