Friday, August 29, 2014

2 Weeks

My sweet baby boy Hudson . . . Now that it's been 2 weeks since you've joined our crazy family, we need to do a little recap.

Let's start with the day you were born. It started out normal enough as your Dad and I headed to the hospital ready to welcome you into the world. For whatever reason, as we started to prep for your arrival, my heart started to skip beats, and then add some, and then skip some. As if it weren't enough that you were going to be examined for your heart, now I was going to be hooked up to heart monitors too! But off we went to the OR. Once in there everything started coming back to me and I had to remind myself to breathe until your Dad came in - I am always okay when he is beside me, I think you will understand that one day.

At 11:23am you arrived as healthy as could be . . . But because of the previous pictures of your heart they took you to the NICU. For the first time in my birthing experiences I had to wait to hold you, my sweet baby boy. For 6 hours all I had was the knowledge that you were okay, but wasn't able to hold you because of our hearts - yours needed pictures and mine needed monitoring. But oh when they finally brought you in, well, it was pretty damn awesome! I felt like I had waited much longer than 6 hours to hold you. You see, it wasn't just about holding you for the first time on this day, it was knowing I had waited for you since I became a Mom - the baby that would be the end of my pregnancy journies, the cap on my mothering experiences, the final piece of our family - you, my youngest baby.

We hung out in the hospital for a few days attempting to recover - I didn't sleep much and neither did you. Once we got home it was all about learning to eat. Following in the steps of your older brother though, this proved to be challenging and pretty much the focus of life for a while!

Today we are at a starting point of peace - my head above water and my body healed enough to be well on my way to being back in the swing of life!

You are sleeping pretty well in your crib and sharing a room with your brother has been a seamless transition for you both. Though naps can be taken anywhere:
And of course you always have a friend by your side:
You like to eat, though you prefer to do so from a bottle (I will leave it at that with the simple addition that breastfeeding and I are completing our time together and we remain as we started 8 years ago, in an adversarial relationship!). 

Today you are rocking your first cloth diapers - and at your Grandmother's request, a bib and socks.
Every day you become more alert to your surroundings . . . as loud and crazy as they may be with your siblings.
But mostly you have just fit perfectly into our family, our life, and our hearts.

I am so excited and feel beyond blessed to embark on this adventure of babyhood with you as you give us our last "firsts". I know I will cherish every moment with you because I know how quickly they will pass. I love you with all of my heart Hudson Eric . . . 

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