Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I need to catch up a little before the fun of Christmas Eve and Day comes!!

Friday was the girls' last day of school - so we went in to party it up! Jayson took Evan and I took Hudson and we swapped rooms. Hudson was the life of the party in Sam's room!
The room Mom for Sam's class had crotched Santa hats for all of the kids!
Hudson fell asleep for Marlie's party after partying to hard in Sam's class :)

Saturday we had 2 back to back birthday parties. The first was for Evan's BFF Gavin at Circus World - luckily the girls were invited.
Next up was our neighbor, Ava's, party at the gymnastics center.
Hudson had a blast at both parties hanging out in his new carrier! I splurged on a new carrier that allows me to carry him for hours with no back issues - and he loves it!
Sunday morning we kept the party going by heading to Daddy's restaurant to have breakfast in the Rainforest with Santa! The kids got their requisite special treatment as the chef's kiddos!
The girls were even put in charge of a game!
And Hudson, as always, enjoyed his nap time.
We made sure to visit with Santa before doing a little shopping and then getting the heck out of the mall before it got crazy!
Sunday night we made our first family gingerbread house!
It was definitely an interesting experiment given the perfectionist tendencies of our firstborn and the craziness of our toddler son! But it turned out beautifully!
Monday was spent gathering all of our supplies for Christmas Eve dinner. I will take a moment to note some pride. 4 kids, 3 stores, and 4 hours and I got compliments from 4 different women in 3 separate stores about my children's behavior and helpfulness. The one that got me was the older cashier at Publix talking to the older woman behind me about how amazing it was the not only were my children beautiful, but they were the best behaved kids she had ever seen, and so helpful checking out on top of it. Definitely some proud moments for me!!!!!

Today we spent the morning with friends who had driven down from Clarksville. The kids had a great time playing and decorating gingerbread men :)
We have packed in the fun for sure! Now it's time for relaxing with our family and enjoying all of our blessings together as we celebrate Christmas!!

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