Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Badges, Art, and Doctors - Oh My!

Let's start with our amazing firstborn! Monday night she had her Brownie badge ceremony - she's earned 7 patches in just 3 months!! Super proud of her and not only for what she's earned - but for how well she adapted without missing a beat. The one thing she cried about when we left Clarksville was leaving the girls she had been in a troop with since she started kindergarten. 
Her troop meets at the school - so after the ceremony we were in the front lobby and I looked over at a display shelf and Marlie's name caught my eye! When we were there for holiday lunches we saw her skull:
And gingerbread house:
And we were totally amazed that out of all of the third graders, most had nothing displayed, and our daughter had 2 things out! Well now we are in total awe, because a 3rd thing has been added - her clay fish!!
I think we have a future artist (the skull and the fish) or engineer (the purpose of the house was to teach civil engineering and planning) on our hands!!

And now to the doctor part! My Mom has been having a rough 10 days that have completely knocked her down with her back! So on come the doc appointments! Monday was the spine doc, Tuesday was up to Clarksville for the pain/normal doc, and today is down to Nashville for a mylagram. I don't know who is dreading the procedure more - Mom for being injected with iodine and having to lay flat on her back or me for managing the boys (Eric included) in a waiting room for 3 hours in the middle of Naptime because we can't leave and have to be there waiting due to their stupid policy! I honestly don't care what I have to do as long as she can get some answers and pain relief!

And to add to the medical fun of the week, Hudson has a check up and shots this morning and what I hope will be his final cardiology check up tomorrow morning! 

Speaking of the picture of cuteness:

Did I also mention that I work from home now?!?!? Thankfully I have a boss that's letting me burn PTO this week and still take off all next week to spend with my family!

Break time over . . . 

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