Sunday, December 14, 2014

Catch Up and the Bonus Grands

Well . . . Let's see!! We had Marlie's first chorus concert on Thursday!
And because when you are the oldest sibling you lose the ability to have solo photos . . . 
She did a fabulous job!! And I would like to think that Jay and I successfully handled a school event with 4 kids! Woot woot!

Saturday was a baking day for teacher gifts. Since I wanted to keep those edible, the neighbors came over and played with freshly made gingerbread and peppermint playdoh!
Honestly, what's 2 more kids in the mix?!?

There were a ton of holiday type errands on Sunday, including picking up some special little guy's pictures. Look who made the 3 month picture wall of fame!
It is perfectly symmetrical now - thanks to Mr. Crandall anticipating the addition of photos when we moved in!
Teacher gifts with reindeer chow - 100%  made by Marlie Katherine!
And I will end this post with a few more photos. As someone who was blessed enough to grow up with "bonus grandparents", I feel doubly blessed that I have my bonus Moms that translate into bonus "grands" for my kiddos! Women who have been my additional rocks for many years, and who will be those extra rocks for my girls . . . because of course they will be here forever . . . 

My kids' version of my Millie and Pop :)
And their "Miss Jane and Mr. Bill"
There are infinite words that can be said about the wonderful grandparents that our kids are fortunate enough to have - but especially at this time of year when I have treasured memories of my bonus grandparents, I think it's worth penning for my kiddos a few special words about the fabulous people that they are extra blessed to have. I don't think there would ever be enough words to explain these women's roles in my own life . . . But I feel by the time that my girls read this that they will have felt the impact on their own . . . 

Tis' the season to count our blessings - I know that I have more people that fit that category than I can count on 2 hands - if I did the whole Twitter thing, that would be #amazingly blessed :)

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Pink Caddy Rocks said...

I am so touched by your post. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

Love Miss J