Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Piercing, Pics, and Christmas Lights

Our first big girl milestone happened the day before Christmas Eve - Marlie asked to get her ears pierced . . . And more surprising, she went through with it!!!
"Oh wait, did you say gun?!?"
She was a brave girl!
And it was totally worth it to end up with her "ruby" earrings!
And speaking of milestones, I forgot Hudson's 4mo picture! But I justify it because he got cute outfits that look good with the stickers for Christmas :)
And an absolutely perfect picture . . . 
Their shirts say "little/big brothers rock"! I can hardly stand the cuteness of getting to match my boys' outfits!!!

Tonight we drove through a campground on Nashville that puts on a HUGE lights display synced to music. It was phenomenal!! And Mom hasn't been feeling well, but we wanted Eric to be able to see the lights so we picked him up on the way . . . And he about died! The very first song when we pulled through the gates was "God Bless the USA" and all the lights were red, white, and blue!
I love the week between Christmas and New Years - you still get to enjoy everything Christmas but at a relaxed pace :)

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