Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

So . . . It's been a crazy busy 2 weeks! This whole working with a 4th kid sometimes gets me in a time crunch with life :)

Thanksgiving this year was great!!! We had lots of fun and family - and that's what makes a holiday.

Mark, Cindy, and Marcus came in on Tuesday - that was also the girls' last day of school for the week. Barry and Donna arrived Wednesday and that's when the festivities began!
We he headed down to Bass Pro and started with a letter to Santa.
While we waited for our pass time to see Santa, we headed to Build a Bear to make some new friends. 

Evan chose TMNT Leonardo
Sam picked the Elsa bear - and naturally put "Let it Go" in!!
Marlie chose a heart bear with a fancy dress that Donna got for her. And Marcus picked a superman bear.
And Hudson hung out with Barry until he was starving!
Then it was Santa time - yes, these are pictures of pictures, scanning takes time!!
And Hudson's first photo with Santa is the opposite of crying - he slept through it all.
Thanksgiving Day we all hung out and had fun - well, I cooked for the majority of the day - that's not so fun, but I had lots of people around to talk to and help.

I employed child labor for breakfast since I was prepping lunch and dinner.
Marlie made sure to sit and show Hudson the importance of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.
And Donna and Barry were on Hudson duty for a lot of the day - the kid eats a lot!
Marlie wanted to wear a fancy dress - until it was Nerf gun time outside!
The kids had a ton of fun with the mass amounts of crafts that Cindy brought.
And because Mark insisted we take pictures of all of the food . . . This was lunch . . . 
Donna took her first selfie 
And Hudson had a pretty great first Thanksgiving!
Dinner was a success - complete with a 25lb turkey cooked by Mr. Crandall on the grill and a rocking kids table!
And at some point the National Anthem came on . . . 
Definitely my favorite Thanksgiving in a long time!!!

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