Monday, December 1, 2014

Tree Time

We picked out our Christmas tree yesterday! The pumpkin place we went to in October turned into a Christmas tree stand!
Hudson was super excited to pick out his first Christmas tree!
So of course, last night we put on some Christmas jammies and did some decorating!
It turned out wonderfully as always. I will be honest and say that it's not the most relaxing task decorating our tree with the kids (i.e. 33 years of breakable ornaments and memories in the hands of kids!!) - but they always have fun!!
They are under those blankets, a favorite early gift from Barry and Donna!

They also have trees in their rooms - the boys' tree has most ornaments on the ground - Evan is apparently a huge fan of Christmas ornaments and likes to hold them and look at them!
The girls have a new larger tree this year! The 4ft one has had dead lights and in the move finally lost a piece of the stand. Grandma Leslie offered a spare "same size" tree - by the time I realized it was a 6ft tree, the girls determined it was perfect for their room!!
Time for weeks of serious crafting, baking, and fun. Can't wait to have one last "First Christmas" . . . But I am a little sad that it may also be the little girl's who gave us that very first "baby's first Christmas" last Christmas believing in the magic of Santa . . . There is definitely a lot to soak up this month . . . 

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