Thursday, December 4, 2014


Well this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday post with this picture of Hudson:
And then the afternoon came and I forgot to post anything!

Tuesday afternoon in Knoxville 2 school buses collided killing 2 children and 1 adult. I read the article that night after Jayson sent me a link. As I read the article, I looked at the picture and thought to myself "I am glad our bus only goes on back roads".

Less than 24 hours after reading that article and thinking those thoughts, my phone rang - the girls' bus had been in an accident on the way home from school. Thank goodness my Mom happened to stop by minutes earlier! I jumped in the car in an attempt to find the bus - when I did it was surrounded by 5 police vehicles. Apparently while going around a huge curve in the road, another vehicle hit the bus causing a tire to blow. I found out from a man at the scene, another bus driver, that he was backing his bus down to unload the kids - finally, since at that point they had been sitting on a cold dark bus for an hour!!!! I saw them transferring the kids and went home - they wouldn't release any children from the bus. It was another 50 minutes before they arrived home - turns out the bus they were transferred to had the headlights go out and they had to get a third bus!!!

Finally the girls arrived home - as expected, Sam was fine and Marlie was a little worried. No one has said anything about being scared to ride the bus - so we will go on like normal . . . And I know that given the events of Tuesday's bus rides in Knoxville, that we are EXTREMELY lucky to do so. Let me tell you, one extra blown tire coming around that corner, and the bus would've flipped, and the only place for it to have gone would've been the shoulder that didn't exist because there's a lake there instead!!

The feelings I had are ones that I will never forget - but I will put the memory of their smiling faces running off that bus above those feelings and life will move on with, as if it's possible, just a little more appreciation for my sweet girls . . . 

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