Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Boys

My boys love their Daddy! He gets the biggest laughs out of them.
And Evan Michael . . . Well he wants to be just like his Dad already! Jayson is growing his hair out, so Evan is refusing to get his buzzed anymore.
And he pretty much tries to be his Dafdys twin now :)
And he all around just adores his Daddy!
I was a girl mom and thought I would be best at that - I am glad the universe had a different plan. Not only am I blessed with 4 beautiful children . . . I am blessed enough to raise girls and boys, see the relationships build between sisters and brothers, and most importantly, feel my heart swell with love as I see my husband be an equally awesome father on both sides of the gender fence! The man will rock a princess crown and sing Disney songs with just as much effort as he teaches Evan to play a racing game and roughhouse.

This parenting business is pretty amazing stuff . . . But being the mother of boys . . . Wow . . . 

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