Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh The Snow

This last week was the worst stretch of weather Tennessee has seen in a looonnggg time! It's not that we got that much snow, it was the ice and below zero temps that did everything in. Even Jayson had a day off - the entire Opry Mills closed!! Needless to say, school was out for the entire week and is even closed tomorrow still! The kids have loved the weather though . . . 
They especially loved breaking the ice off of everything when it temporarily warned up - they came in with this gem from the mailbox.
Hudson enjoyed walking out for a few minutes to enjoy his first snowstorm!
I remember someone else enjoying her first snowstorm at 6 months old . . . 
That was yesterday . . . And now she's trying to see how much snow she can eat!
We have definitely had our share of indoor time as well - I don't care how fun snow is, nobody is going out when it's -10! 

It's been a week of interesting weather - but it's time for it to be over for sure :)

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